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Default Re: Do you consider Juan Manuel Marquez to be an ATG

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
So Whitaker/Chavez dont count because they were 34, but when he was 34/35 those loses count big right. Oh yea and he's not great because he got robbed against Trinidad
Going into child mode now are we, PP?

I didn't say they didn't count, only that I don't consider Chavez and Whitaker to be among the five best opponents he faced on the night.

I take the Mayweather and Pacquiao losses with a pinch of salt for obvious reasons, but whereas Oscar was undeniably past his best, both Floyd and Pacquiao were also undersized going into fights with The Golden Boy.

As things stand, Oscar did indeed lose to the best five fighters he faced in my judgment, and that's a pretty big factor to consider when ranking him.
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