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Default Re: Do you consider Juan Manuel Marquez to be an ATG

Originally Posted by Addie View Post
1. He drew the first fight and lost the second. Those are the facts.

2. Good job I wasn't writing those wins off as "so what". They are very good wins, not great ones, but unfortunately for Marquez, they probably stand as two of his most impressive victories next to the Juan Diaz fights.

3. I don't put a great deal of stock in the fighters Marquez was facing at 126lbs. Tricky customers? Manuel Medina? Robbie Peden? Derrick Gainer? Certainly fights Marquez would be expected to win and win well. Decent, but nothing particularly noteworthy in my estimation. I believe Marco to have a more impressive Featherweight resume even despite the Pacquiao defeat.

4. Cool. If it isn't speculation, it's irrelevant.

5. Exactly what I said, but it's a shame you had to imply the Barrera and Casa victories were more impressive than they are in reality.
1. Wait didn't you say you watched fights instead of looking at boxrec If were going by what judges say Whitaker didnt beat Chavez. Judges aren't the be and end all

2. And Gainer who's a tricky FW proporsition for most

3. Gainer was a very good win. The Norwood fight which was close was and another great avoided opponent, I wouldn't be suprised if Norwood beat MAB/Morales/Pac, not saying he would either, he was proven, fast, tricky, skilled southpaw who was also avoided. Chris John is an excellent technical boxer. Medina is a 6 time champ, and yes tricky. Peden went on to beat Campbell. Polo outboxed WBO champ Harrison and got jobbed, Salido a future titlist. The other Pinoy and Thai fighter I think were borderline top10. Not all those are great but lots of styles that Marquez is testing himself against and facing different styles even if they aren't elite can show lesser fighters up

4. I'm not sure what that means, but we do speculate in general about fighters

5. I'm not sure how stating the facts about the opponents is implying anything, may I repeat: Marquez was the same age as MAB and Casa and past his prime himself. MAB was lineal SFW champ when JMM beat him, Casa was LW lineal champ when JMM KO'd him. Diaz was a top3 LW when JMM ko'd him. Now he's fighting a young bull in Katsidis, he'll beat him too despite being 37

Impressive wins
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