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Default Re: Do you consider Juan Manuel Marquez to be an ATG

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Well the thing is you were off base on a few thing, let me give you my honest assessment of Oscar. The thing is Oscar beat Tito, nevermind what the judges said, Mosley 2 I'd say he probably won but it isn't the robbery many make it out to be. I'm sure even the past prime Whitaker he faced was amongst his best opponents and it was a close 50-50 fight - near a draw, but remember Whitaker/Oscar/Toney/Jones were all in the race for P4P no1 then. Quartey too is amongst his best and imo he lost to Quartey. Vargas, Chavez, Gonzalez are very good wins

You'll notice that I said that even in despite of his losses, Oscar is sporting a very healthy resume by contemporary standards. Victories over Quartey, Whitaker, Vargas, Mayorga, and Hernandez is good form. Perhaps we should stop and think about what it is we're actually arguing about here. I haven't made any definitive statements about Oscar De La Hoya regarding any placements. I've already acknowledged that I need to do more research before I step into that territory. That being said, I do believe it to be true that he lost the majority of his biggest fights. I don't see any other way to see it.
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