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Default Re: Jan Zaveck (IBF champ) next fight?

Originally Posted by Brickhaus View Post
He certainly doesn't have the name recognition, but I suspect someone will pay well for the title shot. He's very beatable. I've seen three of his fights now, so it's not like I'm just looking at his record and guessing. Him and Senchenko are a level down from guys like Collazo and Quintana, and a level up from guys like Delvin Rodriguez and Sebastian Lujan, and probably around the same level as Selcuk Aydin.

I suspect he'd lose to Mike Jones or Wale Omotoso, who are both pretty high in the IBF's rankings, and neither of whom has much name recognition of their own. If he sits on the title and doesn't take a big fight, he'll need to take a risky fight for not a lot of money. He might as well try to get paid while he can. And who knows, maybe he'll get lucky.

That said, if Berto-Aydin wasn't approved by HBO, I doubt they'd approve Berto-Zaveck, since Zaveck has even less name recognition than Aydin. His best opportunities might be Joshua Clottey (sticking the fight on a Top Rank PPV undercard) or Kell Brook (Frank ****** might pay him well to come to the UK so Brook can win a title). And I'd actually fancy Zaveck's chances against Brook, if they go that route.
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