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Default Re: Jan Zaveck (IBF champ) next fight?

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
You see, this is the problem with fans who dont recognise a fighter... They underate them.
How can Zavek be a level down fron Collazo, a guy who was sparked in 3 rounds, lost to a LWW, lost clearly to Mosley and lost to Berto who hasnt beaten anyone of real note, when Zavek only has a debateable loss, won clearly a return and beat Hlatshwayo away. Collazo hasnt beaten anyone better than Jackiewicz or Hlatshwayo
I agree with saying Zavek is underrated and he'd give some of the belt holders trouble, but what you're saying is complete and utter ****. Collazo lost to Cassiani more than eight years ago and he wasn't 'sparked out'. Other than that the only other clear loss was to Mosley. Everybody agrees that the Hatton and Berto fights were close affairs that could have gone either way. Some scored it for Collazo and others scored it for the other two fighters. I see you're standing up for your boy, Zaveck, but don't be delusional.
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