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Default Re: Jan Zaveck (IBF champ) next fight?

Originally Posted by Brickhaus View Post
I don't know about that. Collazo has a disputed loss to Berto, and almost everyone had him beating Hatton. The knockout came, what, a decade ago when he was like 20? And Jose Antonio Rivera was about at the same level as Hlathswayo and Jackieiwcz, although that win was a while ago now.

Collazo's an odd case though. He clearly should be fighting guys better than he's been fighting, and whenever he gets a step up, he goes against the elite and tends to do fairly well (other than against Mosley, where he broke his hand in the first round).

But having watched both of them fight multiple times, I'm pretty confident in saying Collazo is better. I don't know if I'd rank him higher, because his recent resume isn't as good, but I'm pretty confident Collazo would beat him in the ring.

On the con side, one could also say that Zaveck lost to someone with 8 losses and knocked out a guy who Kendall Holt knocked down three times. But it would be stupid to go there because I know Jackiewicz is better than his record and Hlatswayo had survived against some decent punchers, just like it's stupid to say what you said when about 90% of people scored the Hatton fight for Collazo and a majority scored the Berto fight for him.

Saying I don't recognize him is just stupid. I've probably watched more of his fights than you have. Hell, I was dumb enough to buy his fight against Martinez.
Im no fan of Hatton at all, but 90% of people didnt think Hatton lost. It was a close fight which could have gone either way, with Hatton badly hurt in the last round, but the majority felt Hatton won at the time. Now Hatton has lost, he has become someone that people like to bash, and now years later say they think he lost, but not at the time. But if you rate Collazo that high, arent you surprised he couldnt do a bit more against a smaller LWW, in his 1st WW fight?
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