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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Nah i just meant a list of who i think are the best, it would be a list that could be heavily scrutinised because the criteria would be probably non-justifiable, but nonetheless, just a list simply of 'these to me are the best to have done it', some of it would likely be based on speculation, as some fighters who are more proven would be below those that were less so. It would be a strongly opinionated list beasically, we would probably all be able to do those. But when we're talking p4p the greatest ten fighters, which i'm pretty sure this thread is about, then we're talking resumes for me, and i need to really think hard, because there's many aspects, including beating larger men, resume in general across weights, how good wins were because of the opponent's condition at the time etc. I'll just have to come back before the deadline, not prepared yet.
I think their both the same. Nothing magical about P4P except for the fact of eliminating weight differences. Because after all Joe Louis would kill Sugar Ray Robinson... doesn't mean he's the better fighter. Sounds like you're over-****yzing things. I've been there before though, it can get really tricky.
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