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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
I would be interested to see yours (which i'm betting will be just as controversial as PP's).
Bearing in mind that my list gives a verry high weighting to acomplishments outside your natural weight class:

1. Sam Langford
2. Harry Greb
3. Henry Armstrong
4. Bob Fitzsimmons
5. Mickey Walker
6. Joe Walcott
7. Ray Robinson
8. Roberto Duran
9. Terry McGovern
10. Ezzard Charles

The top two are esentialy tied, but that is not allowed.

Jimmy Wilde might have merited a place but for the ambiguity surrounding his opponents records.

A few of the bareknucklers could be included, but it is assumed that they are excluded.
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