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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by di tullio View Post
Why aren't Frazier and Louis more common in these?
I have always wondered why louis did not factor in more prominantly P4P as well! He is usually 1-2 with Ali at HW with probably a 70/30 split in Ali's favor...little seperating them weight wise as well. You would think that Louis/Ali would generally come in very close to one another (I have Ali at 11). I saw one TV expert (so called p****) that had Louis as the #1 HW and Ali at 2 then had Ali in the P4P top 10 and didn't include Louis...wonder how the same p**** made that decision???

As for Frazier he generally comes between 5-13 at HW (I have him at 7), so there should not be too much question as to why he does not make a P4P top 10 or even 20.

The one that I question more is guys like Marciano and to a lesser degree dempsey. Marciano gets called a cruiser weight by many, and is generally a top 5 HW...why does his 20-30 less lbs. thatn Ali or Louis not raise him up closer to them in these types of rankings??? Are all HW's lumped together or is their P4P weight factored in as well????
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