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Default Re: Mister T's Training Log

Saturday September 25, 2010:

- Muay Thai Class:
  • 10 Minutes of Strength/Conditioning.
  • 40 Minutes of Partner Drills (mitt work, pad work, combinations, slipping, bobbing and weaving, footwork, etc).
  • 10 Minutes of additional "cool down" Strength/Conditioning at the end of class.
Notes: The head coach was out of town for the weekend so one of the other coaches took the lead. He's a ****ty teacher (but he's one hell of a fighter tho) so class was kinda meh. Didn't get a chance to do clinchwork or sparring and he ended class like 30 minutes early (wtf?). Hopefully the head coach will be able to teach next tuesday.

Also, I probably won't be able to do the weight training I originally wanted to do. I got a call from my old high school friends and made plans to go out tonight. I'll try to do it tomorrow instead.

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