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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
I'm going to expand on my earlier comments now. Notice i've already said that when commenting on who i think were the best fighters ever, is not directly representative of who i rate as the greatest. Anyway, from film, the three best fighters ever for me are Robinson, then Ali and Duran. That's how good Ali was in my opinion. I'm not particularly a fan either, not at all actually. That's an unbiased opinion. There's nothing else i can say on it though, i said earlier on this thread that when it comes to me simply saying who the best were, it's not backed up by resume, it's utlimately an opinion, and i can't justify that, so there's no point in me debating it. Just an opinion. A pretty strong one. Anyway, when it comes to greatness, the likes of McLarnin etc need looking up. And anyone who has Willie Pep in their list and not Ali must have an agenda.
I can't split the two on film Teeto. Great great comparison. And Ali has the depth that's incomparable at HW. That only adds to it... so if Pep is technically better and craftier on film, Ali has his advantages.
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