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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by Stonehands89 View Post
Having Ali inside the top 15 but outside the top ten is not "underrating" him in the least. I'll go further, anyone who has Ali above Greb, Robinson, Armstrong, or Ezzard is either a neophyte, an ignoramus, or a fanboy. Take your pick.

The fact that ESB classic is resistant to the Ali-cult that has long-since taken over the USA adds to its credibility.

It will be interesting to see how Ali is regarded among boxing 'experts' after the baby-boomers die out. The chances are good that the myth and romance surrounding his name will fade away and we'll look at him with our eyes open.
Being a contrarian doesn't add credibility. It didn't in high school, and it still shouldn't now.
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