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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
The Duran argument i don't know about, it's there or there about. But Pep? He's getting a pass the way i see it. No doubt i'll be bombarded with an over-dramatised post detailing how amazing Pep was, which i'm well aware of, being a student of boxing history myself. He's one of the best ever, head to head and for ability. But when we're talking resume that solidifies your ranking, i don't understand Pep>Ali, it's madness to me. People have a problem with Ali's high ranking, i'm very suspicious as to whether that is born of Ali's fame, because it looks like Pep's getting the free pass on this board.

I think that you are way off here, and it may be because many students of boxing history are not familiar with his resume and who's on it. Are you aware of how many ranked fighters Pep defeated? Are you aware of his record at his peak?

Ali-Foreman vs. Pep-Saddler II? I'll take the latter, easily. You?
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