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Default Re: P4P Top 10 Official Survey (Poll Closes October 20)

Originally Posted by Pachilles View Post
You sound like the Morning Star. You sound like Lucifer, Stonehands, you've lost it! You're talking about war on a boxing God. **** that, i've seen what happens to the proud when they try to take on the throne...

(I've lost it, he sez)

Originally Posted by Pachilles View Post
How many great fighters fought and defeated 3 prime, possible top 10 ATG fighters of one division? How many fighters have defeated an ATG at all, let alone a prime one??? He's beat 5 definate ATG fighters. He's beat a murdeous punching ATG, whilst passed his prime himself. He dominated. His skill set and physical attributes are clear to see, theres no myths and legends he needs to hide behind. How can

If you're a well schooled, objective person, the only reason i see why you would attack him is to spite the casual person that know his name to be the greatest, but would not really be seen or heard discussing boxing on a serious level, so are irrelevant.

Or if you don't give the Heavyweights their due on P4P lists. The Heavyweight division is half a dozen standard weight classes in itself. And the lighter HW's are big enough to take out bigger HW's and be at a weight advantage if their style suits it. And the giants are really giants. Its such an unpredictable and unforgiving division, anyone can knock you out. It really is a feat to fight so many great fighters and massive punchers, yet never once be stopped in that division.

In my opinion if Ali isn't in your top 5, then you're just trying to be a smartass. And anyone thinking of typing a lengthy response to this filled with obscure knowledge, hyperbole, exaggerations and cleverly constructed misleading tangents, you'll only convince a dumbass. Don't try it on me i know of your agenda!
"Anyone who doesn't have Ali in their top 5 must be a smartass"? Hurling juvenile invectives does not strengthen your position, so get serious or get out of the way and the big boys go at it.

And yes, I do not believe that the HWs are the most skilled or even the most dangerous division. In fact, I'm utterly convinced. Big guys are usually easier to handle for several reasons and I don't know this just be screwing around on the internet or reading books.
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