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Default Max Baer is a Boxing God - Worhsip Him!!

Easily top five in HW chins and top five in punching power too. IF Max took boxing seriously he would have been a top ten ATG, no doubt. Dempsey thought so - but Baer's laicisdaisical training habits, love of the nightlife and the ladies frustrated Jack no end.

Baer said it all when he said he had "a million dollar body and a ten cent brain." Still, even with that ten cent brain he was able to do pretty well on ABILITY ALONE.

Baer is - obviously - my favorite Old Time HW. ANd part of it is his "madcap" personaility. BUt what if Baer had, say George Foreman or Sonny Liston's brain. Would he have ruled the 30s and given Joe Louis a serious run for his money??
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