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Default Re: Mister T's Training Log

Tuesday September 28, 2010:

- Muay Thai Class:
  • 10 Minutes of Strength/Conditioning
  • 10 Minutes of Shadowboxing (approximately 3 rounds).
  • 40 Minutes of Partner Drills (worked on counters. Dealing with front kick, rear kick, roundhouse body kicks).
  • 30 Minutes of Sparring.
Notes: The head coach came back. He picked up where we left off last Tuesday and worked some more on the same counters (listed on Sept 21st post).

Sparring went really well. Sparred with a big dude with excellent power and at least 50 pounds on me. Dude has really heavy leg kicks (when I first sparred with him a couple months ago, he leg kicked me so hard I couldn't walk for days). Today, on the other hand, I managed to check a lot of his leg kicks and, even when he successfully kicked me, my legs didn't feel as much pain as I originally did months ago. Plus, I noticed that my jab had gotten much stronger. Every time my partner tried to throw combinations at me, I was able to shut him down with a strong jab to the solar plexus. Also, despite being at least 50 lbs heavier than me, I managed to hold my own in the clinch and even managed to do damage by whippin him around and delivering clinch knees to his midsection.

Felt really happy about that cuz that means that I'm getting better at clinchwork, my leg conditioning has improved, and my jab has gotten better too.

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