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Default Re: Floyd fears Pac !

Floyd is held to a higher standard than any other boxer. He just made close to 70million in less than a years time. Its just like SRL when the public was calling for a fight with Hagler(keep in mind Leonard was the first boxer to earn 100 million as a boxer)and Leonard just wanted some time off. This is just history repeating itself. Floyd has more at stake here than Manny. Manny is the underdog and quite frankly has jack**** to lose. If he gets beat oh well,we all knew this would happen. If he wins though he has a legion of idiots saying he's the GOAT and Floyd will be written off as the most overrated fighter in history pretty much.Thats what one "L" represents to Floyd. Manny has already dealt with multiple losses and quite frankly so what. Floyd isn't afraid. He just had a meltdown because he can never satisfy anyone and is always discredited for his whole career basically.The negativity this outing was a just a bit more than he could chew is all. The best are always on their own to support themselves and prove the world wrong with the odds stacked against them because it's lonely at top which is the same story over and over again.

Heres the real question. Will Floyd fold under the pressure of this adversity or will he rise to the occasion? I'm willing to bet money he rises. Its easy to kick a man when he's down but when he whoops Manny's ass I'm telling you right now. Don't be surprised. This is what Floyd does.
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