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Default Re: Floyd fears Pac !

Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
Margarito is a BUM.

David Estrada gave Shane more trouble than that

Floyd would have been laughed out of Vegas for fighting a guy that just lost to Daniel Santos instead of the undesputed WW Champion.

Mayweather is going to whip Manny so badly..that people will not give him credit for it

"Manny lost to a MUCH BIGGER man"

Will be the tagline.

I remember MANY trainers and writers saying:

"Floyd just doesnt have the pop to keep Gatti off him"

"McGirt is training Arturo to hit Floyd's arms and shoulders...the shoulder roll will not work this time"

Soon after the fight:

"Gatti is a bum"
same shyt different fighter it though you'll have the experts come in and say i didnt say that i knew Gatti stood no chance, i knew Hatton couldnt do it, Mosley stood no chance i knew it was a cakewalk.....when or if Pac loses...expect more bullshyt maybe even worse seein as i think right now they are betting the farm on pac to be "THE ONE"
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