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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Seriously I took karate for about 6 months as a kid... And a month when I was 19 from a dojo I heard was real legit...that was when UFC first came out and I wanted to learn some of was going live...lots of slow motion form stuff..and the way they punch sucks....also I have know a few black belts who got their ass kicked in street fights...of course that can happen to anyone...but it shouldn't happen all the time. I would say some of the karate dojos in japan are legit and those guys could whip ass (but its still not great at high level mma, again, Machiada is cross trained) I learned more actual useful **** (ie, could help in a fight) in three weeks of boxing, or wrestling or bjj I have taken then the 7 months total of karate I did. (Again, in lame nonfight McDojo's). As for my combat experience...8 years boxing on and off...5 months sold mma...focusing on wrestling and bjj...I don't claim to be a expert...but if your going to devote time to learning to fight..then you should try to do something that works.
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