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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

I really don't go around making fun of karate guys...but I do think it gives people false confidence. I guess false confidence is better then no confidence...still. When I was in high school a kid had a black belt from a school called Joe Goss karate. He played soccer..but otherwise wasn't real athletic..anyhow he got into a fight with a kid...who basically just played foot the karate kid was 5"10 160...but the football player was 5"6 about 140...not big...not known as being really tough or anything...but he beat the hell out of the karate kid...since then I have known a few other karate guys who got smashed in street fights. Had to have sucked for the karate could I lose a fight to some non trained street tough...well it hasn't happened since before I started boxing...but I know it could..but hell...I know what I have learned is far more useful then most forms of karate that your going to get...where its basically breathing exercises and parlor tricks where they break boards.

But yea I did make my question sound slightly ****ish...however..when guys tell me they have a black belt in karate...I can't help but be amused.
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