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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
But most people who practise Karate mainly have the desire to achieve something. They are not going there to become word class fighters, and have no aspirations to be. I guess they want a good form of exercise, which teaches respect and self disipline. And maybe help to defend themselves when idiots start mocking and bullying them for whatever reason. So during your dinner hour, you happen across some guys playing football, do you go over and mock them, point and laugh and shout 'You'll never make it as a professional?' If you did, I bet you would be thankful for a bit of karate training to help defend yourself.
Maybe that makes me a 'pud' and so be it.
Too bad the majority of these people will be forced to throw out their karate once they encounter a real fight. Slow motion self defense doesn't always work....
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