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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by hitmanstrikes View Post
i laugh but not out loud just smile after they say it.
Though i did go to 4 karate lesson with my mate for a laugh. But it all about self defense and to get away.
Ill rather prefer to stay at kick boxing.
What is the difference a kick is a kick a punch is a punch and a block is a block. I have a black belt in shorinryu I also wrestled in high school (was pretty good ) I have studied muay thai for a year it all depends on the individual and how they train some school never train full contact and others do. I have met a lot of martial artist that would make a formidable opponent for anyone. there are some out there that you would have a difficult time hitting. Keep in mind that some of the matches in the 60's allowed kicks to the groin.
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