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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Johnstown View Post
Chuck norris did practice a real combat form of karate...but most dojos are set up for business...for kids to go...where their moms will feel safe...moms aren't going go feel safe if you are doing real effective work for hand to hand combat..because kids will get hurt....karate in america by and large made itself so safe that it has very little practcal value. Will it make a kid who is teased more confident...and theirfore less likely to be teased? Yes it definitly can...I just hope that kid doesn't have to back up his confidence...because then he is likely to find out that years of doing lame punches and thousands of dollars of mom and dads money has added up to nothing.
Well you're an idiot if you think physical fitness and self disipline and even a decent hobby add to nothing. And why you feel that kids not bein effective in hand to hand combat is a bad thing beyond me. If you want to protest that it's a rip off go tell you're local sensi the things you've posted here. And PLEASE film his response
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