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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Again that's not what I said. Let me clarify my point, I dont think that you can use the fact that most instructors wont teach dangerous martial arts techniques to 5 year olds as proof that it is ineffective and should be laughed at, in your words. They will be taught the basics, starting off at white belt. And as they get older, and stay committed to learning, then they will progress through the ranks of the belt system. And by progressing through the rank system will refine the basics they learned as a white belt, while adding new techniques. Eventually over time and with steady imporvement, they will gain their black belt.That's what the learning process in all walks off life is built on, progressive improvement. Sorry if Im posting my reply like you are an idiot, but you do seem to be one, or just plain ignorant at best.
And why have you moved the topic of discussion from black belts to children?
Problem seem to be under the assumption that what is taught will be point is it mostly won't be....again....the percentage of black belts from most american karate dojo's who would get their ass kicked by the average untrained guy is much higher then regional golden gloves boxers...then wrestlers from small colleges...then purple belts in bjj....point is....if your a grown ass man and you want to be able to fight well...karate is low on the list of things to pick.
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