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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Beebs View Post
There is also a pretty big difference between Shotokan and Kykushin
I cant think of one pure Karate dojo in my town that doesn't put out bad asses. Koi Kan put out Liddell.. Shotokan dojo in town, I think all the instructors there learned directly under Nishiyama. As a result, people from the dojo have a rep of being no joke.

If anything, its actually the Kung Fu place that dont have a rep of people who can kick ass, but still not laughable because they learn weapons lol.

If anything its actually a wrestling based mixed martial arts place that has the worst rep, because most of the fighters out of it have losing records, but there is still a Graci Baja mixed martial arts spot, and an acquaintance of mine runs a Sambo gym. Still none of them have necessarily bad reps, or put out people you would laugh at.
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