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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Koa View Post
I cant think of one pure Karate dojo in my town that doesn't put out bad asses. Koi Kan put out Liddell.. Shotokan dojo in town, I think all the instructors there learned directly under Nishiyama. As a result, people from the dojo have a rep of being no joke.

If anything, its actually the Kung Fu place that dont have a rep of people who can kick ass, but still not laughable because they learn weapons lol.

If anything its actually a wrestling based mixed martial arts place that has the worst rep, because most of the fighters out of it have losing records, but there is still a Graci Baja mixed martial arts spot, and an acquaintance of mine runs a Sambo gym. Still none of them have necessarily bad reps, or put out people you would laugh at.

you may live in a special town. Koei-kan is legit...because they spar for real..they wear a punch of protection and ****..but they throw full contact....and as i stated earlier..their are karate dojos that do a real form of fighting..but my point is most dojos make most of their money from kids...they are made to be mom and dad wont feel worried about sending asmatic little that means that most of the black belts have gone to those kinds of Dojo...most of the Dojo's dont teach anything useful, and the guys who get blackbelts have gotten them by putting in time..lots of money..and learning some forms.... anyhow...i have run this thread into the ground arguing what is really a unarguable up the term McDojo..that describes what i am talking about.
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