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Default Re: When someone tells you that the have a black belt in you laugh?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Well you're an idiot if you think physical fitness and self disipline and even a decent hobby add to nothing. And why you feel that kids not bein effective in hand to hand combat is a bad thing beyond me. If you want to protest that it's a rip off go tell you're local sensi the things you've posted here. And PLEASE film his response

You can still be self disciplined without having to pour all your money into a dojo. Just buy some weights and run like crazy everyday. As for the hobby aspect of your argument. That's fine with me, ever one needs something to feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. But once somebody starts making claims about how they can kick your ass just because of their "hobby" then thats a different story. I knew this kid in my freshman year who was a black belt in karate (don't know what form). He had major short man's syndrome and was always talking about his black belt to compensate for it. I never really had a problem with it until he started talking **** to everybody as the year progressed. Finally I got fed up with him one day after he shoved me on the basketball court and just threw a huge haymaker to his face and knocked him out cold. I had no experience in boxing at the time either. The point of this whole thread to me is this: Yes there are guys out there who are bb's who can kick ass. But most just do the minimum amount of work and pay fees to get something (bb) to prove to others that they have self worth. I wouldn't laugh at somebody just because they have a bb. I would just think "Good for them, glad that they're not sitting their ass on the couch all day playing Halo like every other American seems to be doing these days". But once again that confidence of having a bb can get to their head and make them think that that they're an a full blown ass kicker when they're really not. THATS WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
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