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Default Re: The limits of bodyweight training?

Originally Posted by vonLPC View Post
They would not help your absolute strength like weight training can, however this is not something necessary with boxing anyway. Plyometric pushups, jump squats, burpees, etc. are some of the best exercises that can be done. I feel like a broken record because I post this term nearly every thread on training, but boxing is a speed-strength sport, meaning you have to propel a light object much faster and more explosive, in boxing's case an 8-16oz glove in addition to the rest of the body in your punches(hope that made sense, I'm tired). Therefore fast explosive exercises such as what is listed above with a very minimal weight load can be the best supplement for training a sport such as boxing.

In answering your question, as long as you do not have a severe deficiency in strength, absolute strength that is found in "typical" weight training is not necessary and you can go as far as you wish by training only with bodyweight.
that is a point i have been trying so hard to express to every ****in person in the AMATEUR BOXING section
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