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Default Re: You Poms need to fire up a bit

Originally Posted by mgal7414
What befuddles me somewhat though, is how many of you Poms 'pay homage' to Mayweather's 'greatness' on the infantile general forums. I constantly read such statements as, 'I expect Floyd to win, but Hatton to make a good account of himself.' Whilst you at least you never sound like braggarts, Poms always tend to overrate their opponents. IMO it is why you are often not as successful as sport as you should be. Mayweather is incredibly good, but hardly on another level to Hatton. Have a little more faith in your man!
How can you overrate the beat p4p fighter in the sport? The Uk ESB users are mostly very knowledgable thats why you rarely get people making re****ed comments like 'Mundine could beat Calzaghe'...... Stuff like that. Take a look at the likes of Dumbdane and all those who said Calzaghe was going to get blasted by Kessler- how do they look now? They have not posted on the British forum since the Calzaghe fight. 'Excited and hopeful' is better then 'dillusional and ignorant'.
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