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Default Re: Max Baer is a Boxing God - Worship Him!!

Originally Posted by Bad_Intentions
i wouldn't consider someone who never took boxing serious and did anything else but clown all the time a "Boxing God"

but i have to agree, he was one hella puncher.
The title was something of a joke, kind of in the Baer spirit. But I really do believe that Baer, along with Rid**** Bowe, is probably the biggest under-achiever among HW champs. If he had applied himself, they would be talking about the Louis/Baer era in the 30s. There is little doubt in my mind that Baer would have been Louis's main rival and they probably would've had a hell of a trilogy!!!

But like others have said, if that were the case, Max wouldn't be Max - and as a big Baer fan, I know that's one of the things I like about him. He was unique. Just didn't have the mentality for boxing though.
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