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Default Re: Ranking a Hatton victory...

Originally Posted by jeff thomas
??? The magnitude of the victory would be greater if Rees or Witter won? Hatton is probably the Uk's most popular boxer how could the magnitude of victory be any greater if a relative unknown beats Mayweather. I think your confusing the quality of the victory with the odds of an upset. Thats not what we're talking about.
I think you are the one that is confused.

When summing up the magnitude of a victory you do not look at how popular someone is. This is not a popularity contest. Instead you have to look at the relative skills of each fighter. The skill gap between Hatton and Mayweather is not that large if we are to believe that Hatton is the best fighter at 147. The gap between Mayweather and the other two fighters I originally named is unquestionably a lot larger so the magnitude on the global boxing world would be larger because the upset would be greater.
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