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Originally Posted by hotti_killer
Perhaps some people find that alot of scottish fans dislike english teams and english fighters so why should they support scottish fighters when that is not the case the other way round. Double standards and typical scottish arrogance if you ask me.

Im the only scottish guy who despises Hatton, every other scottish poster I have seen wants to see Hatton win, & theres a good few scottish lads travelling over to cheer thim on. In fact, I dont know any scottish posters who hate english fighters for being English. I made a thread about it a while back, as Victor said.
You should check it out!

As for the football, thats different altogether. Scotland & England are traditionally rivals. You younger ones probably dont understand properly as the matches were phased out due to English fans rioting in Glasgow(sorry, couldnt resist ) but there has never been any love lost between Scotland & England football matches.

Funny thing is, now that England are out of the euros, theres good chnce the home internationals will be brought bck so you can finally judge the rivalry for yourself!
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