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Default Re: Floyd fears Pac !

Originally Posted by igotJUIC3 View Post
so what happens when the fight happens? all this waisted energy you are using will be useless.....some of you act like their careers are over.....plenty of fights didnt happen when people wanted...but they did happen.

all im saying some of you go on and on about nothing....a blind man can see this fight will happen.....look at the money you people just like running your mouths?

and Floyd owes nothing to me....i could give two shyts about him...he still is a good fighter in the ring...i dont need him to do anything what he does is his business.....i dont care. it seeems like some of you who dislike Floyd care more about him than his fans.
If the fight happens then its good. I would really love to see them fight. I dont care if pac loses. All I want is them to fight so we know who the better guy is.
But for now, Floyd is a ****ing coward and you are ****ing stupid for not seeing this!
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