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Default Re: Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis in their primes?

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
They fought when they were both showing their age, and Lewis beat him clearly both times IMO. Granted, Holy was the older and probably more faded of the two at that time, but I think the decisiveness of Lewis' wins earn him the benefit of the doubt.
It would ordinarily earn any boxer the benefit of the doubt - but with Lewis there is a determined set of people who disregard his accomplishments and rank him below fighters who he clearly beat and had a better record common opponent-wise.
Some even regard Bowe higher than him even though Bowe did the blatantest piece of ducking seen in the last 50 years...and to compound it Bowe has never actually addressed that subject in an interview in nearly 20 years.
If Bowe had thought he had a chance against Lewis, we would have read countless interviews with him giving his opinion on why he did it and how he would have won.................but nah, its a subject never mentioned in his presence anymore
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