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Default Your views on Barry Boy Michael?

Gidday fellas! my Aussie cousins from down under. Wanted to get your views on your man Barry Boy (although technically he's ours...). How's he viewed and rated in Australia?

My old man was fond of Barry Boy Mickael and tells me about the night he fought Rocky Lockridge just a few miles from where i reside, the night all hell broke loose and everyone thought a bomb was in the building.

Barry was a decent fighter, good variety, applied educated pressure and brillient to the body. Although he was a sucker for a overhand left and didn't adapt well, which may explain his problem with southpaws.

Whats his best fight? Al Carter? Lester when he won the title? the Frank Ropis fight was a barnburner, as many of Barry's fights were.

How would he have done against people like our very own Barry McGuigan or even Jeff Fenech, i suspect Fenech would've been too strong for him. Different class was Jeff.

So, whats the view on Barry in the big Auss? Strikes me as a very articulate, charismatic fella, who's a good ambassador for the sport.

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