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Default Re: Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis in their primes?

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Theres a lot more to the whole Bowe Lewis thing than a lot of people think. Bowe was really not the scared type. There was a lot of politics around this time with King and HBO.

While Newman was a star of the highlight films for those matches, he was busy fighting larger battles in boxing's corridors of power. A year ago, with Mike Tyson off to jail and everyone jockeying to get a shot at heavyweight champion Holy-field, Newman says that WBC president José Sulaimán quietly urged him to retain Don King as his promoter. "Don is the best," Sulaimán, a longtime King ally, told him. "He's made the most money for fighters." Having come so far with Bowe, Newman said no. "Why should I work with King or anyone else?" he said. The WBC's answer came in February 1992, when its ratings committee, in a split vote, leapfrogged Razor Ruddock, a King fighter who had lost twice to Tyson, ahead of Bowe in its rankings. Newman says the move deprived Bowe of a guaranteed shot at the title. Newman called Sulaimán and said, "You are a dirty, no-good——! You forced Rid**** out because I would not do business with Don King." Sulaimán denied this vehemently, but Newman promised revenge. He eventually got it at that garbage can in London, vowing that Bowe would never fight Lewis as long as Lewis wore the WBC belt.
Bowe has had nearly 20 years to address the accusation of his cowardly ducking and what does he say??? Zip. Nothing Nada! It doesnt even get a mention in any interviews he does - You would think it would be the first thing he would want putting straight.
But his actions or lack of actions, speak as loudly as throwing a belt in the garbage rather than fight did.
Bowe attracts the type of followers, who would follow David Haye if he was American. Someone to bestow greatness on without actually doing anything of substance.
Bowe is the grandaddy of all the ducking fighters today - a precident for the fan boys who have decided they like a boxer and so imagine greatness on them of what they coulda woulda done, but actually coulda but didnt and ran from the chance to.
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