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Default Re: Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis in their primes?

Many people seem to think Holyfield would do well because he was competitive in their second fight but quite happily ignore the fact in their first fight he was dominated by Lewis. You have to take both fight into account you cannot simply use the one fight which as an example of how the fighter you favour would do.

I gave Holyfield 3 rounds in their first fight and 5 in their second meeting. I think Holyfield did better second time around because Lewis tried to be more aggressive and box less allowing Holyfield to get inside more regularly which was something he struggled to do in their first fight.

Prime for prime I don't see Holyfield getting dominated like he was when he first fought Lewis but I don't see him winning either. Holyfield would do well and it would be competitive but I see Lewis out boxing Holyfield to earn a decision 8 rounds to 4.
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