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Default Re: Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis in their primes?

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
Whatever you post, yes it appears that Bowe ducked Lewis, but do you really think Rid**** Bowe was scared of Lewis? My point was that there was more to it than Bowe himself saying I dont want to fight Lewis because Im scared of him. Rock Newman was a kook, he didnt want to be dictated to by anyone.
Lefty you know my feelings when it comes to Bowe-Lewis, yes I really believe Bowe wanted no part of him.

Newman wanted a deal of 90-10 in Bowes favour, when Lewis beat Ruddock he becomes the mandatory and under WBC rules was entitled to 33%, a huge shift but still a big payday for Bowe. Fact is even with King in the frame and his WBC influence he was NEVER going to get a piece of Bowe along as Lewis was in the picture.

However, if Bowe was up for it and the fight happened we would have had one of the HW great fights no doubt elevating both men in everyone's eyes. Whoever won I'm pretty sure we'd have seen II & possibly III brilliant fights.

Newman played his part but at any point had Bowe said "I want Lewis" the fight would have happened, what choice would Newman have?
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