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Default Re: Your views on Barry Boy Mickeal?

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Didnt Fenech knock the fight back? i think he knew Barry was to tough for him so he just avoided it all together. Would have been an intresting fight to watch. I havent watched many of Barrys fights so i really cant comment on how i think he would go against other guys, i do enjoy his style of fighting and i think he missed his time. Not sure of the history surrounding it but i think he found it hard getting a title shot until lester finally caved in and accepted the challange. Bobby Sin would know more
Thats a bit of a myth to be honest. People have to understand the circumstances around the time that fight was muted. It really didn't do a whole lot for Jeff when the fight was offered.

I'm surprise people would say Barry would've beat Fenech. Barry struggled everytime he stepped up, apart from the Carter fight, plus Fenech was a better version of him and mixed in much higher company, he was just a better all round fighter. Perfect style for Fenech IMHO.
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