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Default Re: Your views on Barry Boy Mickeal?

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post
I just wonder how many of the critics here have actually met and conversed with Barry?
If you did you would find that a courteous gentleman was engaging with you in polite discussion.

It is so, so typical for boxing fans (?) (probably better described as boxing's dead-**** brigade) for you to find it so easy to criticise and try to cut this great, tall poppy down.

How many of you critics have ever engaged in a plan to win a world title, where you climbed the hill slowly, perservering, and continually pushed that big farking heavy car up that big hill, and all by yourself. Truth is, you have no farking idea about the efforts this bloke went to, in order to reach his goal.

You're just a bunch of fark heads, seriously. Barry deserves no criticism for his efforts and he has continued to show a gentleman model for the sport of boxing. If you *****s were this model, boxing would be in a very poor and worse state. Take a look at yourselves, you scurrilous pack of non entities.
I'm sure Barry Michael is a gentleman and a good person. Most people here would agree but he totally embarrasses himself with the nonsense he spouts about Anthony Mundine and if you refuse to acknowledge that then you are clearly blind.
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