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Default Re: Klitschko vs Brewster, pick a winner

boxers are very selective in there memory.
while brewster says wlad has been hunting easy opposition , he forgets to mention he went after keli meehan a fighter ko`d in a few seconds by danny williams and whats even worse he most probably lost that fight and got a home country descion.

as to the fight , i see wlad adopting his recent gameplan , of jab/jab /jab and then jab and as the fight wears on the occasional potshot right hand.

IMO in this particular fight he will and should stick with this plan through 12, control the fight from range and win on points.

only go for the ko if an unexpected shot buckles brewster .

very similar fight to the peter one is what we should all expect with possibly wlad getting a temple shot and going down .

brewster is a limited fighter abilty wise and from range wlad jab will be enough.

do not mix it up with brewster, there is no need.
brewster should get frustrated with himself if he wants to win and not just go 12 and then will leave his chin out to dry late on, which if wlad times him right will give the americans a ko what they all love.

perhaps not by the fighter they want to win though.
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