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Default Re: Mister T's Training Log

Originally Posted by Kevin_Wright View Post
20 rounds? That is absolutely insane.
Yea, we do this type of session at least once a month and it's absolutely gruelling. Even though we get 3 min breaks after every 5 rounds, it definitely takes a toll on the body. By the time we get to the later rounds, each round mostly consists of clinch+knees, lots of body hooks, and alot of neck-wrestling.
The positive side of this is that it helps improve all aspects of the Muay Thai game. In the early rounds we're told to work on combinations. In the middle rounds we get to focus more on kicks and counter striking. And in the later rounds we get to work on clinchwork.

The traditional Muay Thai fighters in Thailand do this type of sparring all the time. Its really one of the best ways to condition a fighter's shins so that they learn to properly absorb blows from leg kicks.

I'm just glad that it only happens once a month.
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