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Originally Posted by Big Ears
Dunky you said you couldn't bare having an avatar of a non-Scottish fighter..........that looks like an American to me .
aaah, you got me there Bigears.
In fact, I still owe you one for letting me off with the last avatar bet I lost, so if you want me to remove the avatar I will do so immediately, & replace it with my usual scottish one.

I only have it in cos some poster was pretty nasty to my good self recently,& ended his rant with "& I cant believe you wont be supporting Ricky" so the Floyd avatar was my 'get it right up you' to him.

See, I can get caught up in the moment sometimes.

In fact, Im guessing in advance that you would ask me to do so, as you arent around just now. So consider it done. See? Im not the bad guy some make me out to be!
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