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Default Re: Vitali Klitschko vs. Shannon Briggs

Briggs KO2

VITLAY is 39 years old And ready to be KTFO.

Briggs is 38 years old And we know 38 year olds are VITLAY'S weakness as this what happened in 2 fights when he were at his BEST/PEAK........

Lennox was fat , semi-retired, nearly-shot, 38 years old And trained on Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Reggae Reggae sauce for teh VITLAY fight. He was laid back for teh 1st 2 roundz - then he beat teh **** out of VITLAY - tore him a new Frankenstein face And was close to a KO at teh end of teh fight. VITLAY was v.hurt And hugging on for desperately for his life at teh end of round 6. Funny how the commentors say Lewis was tired - it was VITLAY that was tired-as-****, yeah that right, even teh oldest Lennox who was fat had more stamina than VITLAY.

+ Fat 38 year old part-time Boxer, a Golfer tomato can bum who trained on cheap import beer And chocolate donuts - average-power, Corrie Sanders - hurt/rocked VITLAY a lot in round 1 AND 2. Near teh end of round 1 Sanders puts VITLAY on *****-Street for 15 seconds And VITLAY was dropped as he try to hug like a scared And Battered ***** ****ing herself in fear of More beating. Before Klit-Lickers mention teh rest of teh fight - i already said he a 38 year old BUM who didnnt train at all or fight active - so he gassed after round 2.
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