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Default Re: Pacquiao vs marquez ii highlights

Originally Posted by GmoNavarro View Post
I have the exact same card as you except for round 7, I think its a clear jmm round, before the cut jmm was winning the round, after the cut manny put some pressure but he got countered in the proccess and after that until the end of the round marquez keep winning the round, pac tried to put pressure but he couldt do it effectively and got countered with right hands, I think this is the round you should rewatch and see and let me know what you think, dont watch it as a biased person, just watch that only seven round and let me know who you think really won that is a link..

The sevent round starts at the 9:35 of this first video..

And it finish in this second video..

Please watch it as an unbiased fan, not because pac tried to put some pressure give him the round, evaluate effective agression and see how he got countered...
I watched it as unbiased as I could. It's a close round, but I think Pac's effective work from 1:10 (3 punch combo) to about :50 is what really won him the round. before the cut JMM landed some solid bodyshots, but alot of the other stuff hit Pac's guard. Most of JMM's counters hit Pac's guard imo. I still think it's a Pac round, but it's a close one.

There are other rounds that were close and I felt could go either way, but that I scored for JMM.

BTW if you look at the punchstats, JMM only outlands Pacquiao in 5 out of 12 rounds.
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