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Default Re: Pacquiao vs marquez ii highlights

Originally Posted by grimlocked View Post
Here's a better angle of JMM holding on to the ropes at 3:04:

JMM didn't seem to be leaning on the ropes. Instead, his side was on the ropes and his feet were clearly off-balance for a moment. He definitely remedied his balance by hanging on to the ropes using his hands. He was also very disoriented that he walk to the wrong corner.

I see your point and I understand that JMM hanging on to the ropes doesn't seem a big of a deal. However, for other people who scrutinize the results and saying that Pac got a pass, the rule says that hanging on to the ropes is a knockdown, so those people need to include this fact in their scrutiny.

Personally, it's a very close fight and I have no problem either one winning it, or a draw.
He was off balance, but I've seen worse go uncalled. You could say the same thing about taking a point away in the first one for hitting JMM when he was clearly down, but such things are trivial in my opinion.
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