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Default Re: Mister T's Training Log

Saturday October 16, 2010:

- Muay Thai Class:
  • 3 Rounds of Jumping Rope
  • 3 Rounds of Strength/Conditioning (consisting of pushups, situps, squats).
  • Spent the rest of the class working on clinch techniques. Getting the Thai Clinch, obtaining the "crucifix" position, went over trips, sweeps, etc. Got together with partners and spent the class just clinching and kneeing each other.
Notes: Came home and my neck was hurting like hell (couldn't even move my head side to side). Its happened before (usually when we work on clinching). Right now I think its just a sprained neck and it usually takes a day or two to go way. Put some ointment on back of neck and hopefully the pain will go away by Monday.

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