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Originally Posted by hitman_hatton1
i'm only a hater cos of the harrison fans on here.

take someone like dunky as an example.

he slags ricky hatton for being a boozer and a pie eater.

when harrison becomes a boozer he refuses to give any criticism.

and not only that but it affected scott's career and he's currently been absent from the ring for 2 yrs because of his troubles.

hatton is still going strong and still keeping trim.

not an ounce of credit from the man.
I DO give hatton credit though, just not that often

I have always said I admire the way hatton can bloat up between fights drinking & eating to excess, but when it comes to training for his fights he knuckles down & gets the weight off no bother & always comes in in excellent shape.
In fact, I have argued with americans a few times who were slagging Hatton off for his weight, I always told them it doesnt matter as Hatton gets into top shape no bother.

There you go, a compliment for your boy Hatton. Do you love me now?
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