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Default Re: Lennox Lewis v Muhammad Ali

Originally Posted by NickHudson
The only Norton fight where Ali was in any sort of shape was the second, in 1973.
"Any sort" is an exageration in my view, but OK. And regardlss, Norton was still trouble for Ali in 2.

As this is a good 6 years past Ali's best performance, and 9 years after he first became champ it might be a bit misleading to use it as evidence...
It is evidence of Ali struggling against an opponent who was "not in his class" which was the relevant pont.

We could talk about Wenner or Patterson II instead of course.

Lewis is also slower, has less stamina, a more open defence and is more prone to one punch KOs than Norton.
Lewis may be more prone to one punch KO's than Norton but this is an old tune that just doesn't need to be played in a Lewis v Ali thread - Ali is not going to knock out Lewis with one punch.
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