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Default Re: The Future of CUBA in the Pros, by Weightclasses. (List Inside) ***UPDATED/VIDEO*

Originally Posted by BigBone View Post
Damn, he stopped Zack Page? Now that's a statement! We want... no, Demand the video NOW! BTW, is he also trained by John David Jackson? JDJ is a great new genearation / old school trainer, a southpaw expert and a lefty himself, just about the perfect choice for Ortiz at the pros.

Don't like that Ugas weighed over 147 and didn't stop his foe. He better keep it together, he's got serious talent.
Nah he's not trained by John David Jackson. I think that'd be a great combination though. John David Jackson has Ugas looking unbelievable!. . . About the Ugas/Woods fight, you can't blame Ugas for not being able to stop Woods. I know when a Boxer backs up a lot he's labeled a runner, but what do you label a Boxer that literally does run the whole bout? I think Woods studied his gameplan for this fight from the last few rounds of DeLaHoya/Trinidad haha! I mean he was even worse than De La Hoya. He was running circles around the ring the whole fight. Ugas just kept it real cool. Trapped him quite a few times and landed clean punches. Almost stopped him every time there was an exchange. Never lost his patience. Woods tried the occasional hit and run but nothing worked. I will give Woods credit for one thing, he was good at getting the hell outta there lol. Sometimes you see the agresser get frustrated in these type of situations but Ugas just handled it like it was nothing. Passed with flying colors!
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